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River Edge 02/19/2010 – Heroes and Cool Kids, a not-for-profit mentoring program founded on the belief that character and integrity are traits that must be nurtured in the lives of youth and dedicated to training high school students to mentor younger students on important life skills including sportsmanship, conflict resolution and positive lifestyle choices highlighting drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention, received a commendation as Bergen County 2010 Organization of the Year and Bruce Harper, former running back for the New York Jets and founding member of Heroes and Cool Kids received a commendation as Bergen County 2010 Person of the Year, presented by Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney, hosted at Sanducci’s Trattoria -- Bruce Harper; Richard Henning, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Heroes & Cool Kids and Senior Vice President, Communications, Community Relations and Proposal Development, United Water -- Photo/Seth Litroff